We buy from a Farmers Market, fresh produce that is never pre-cut and stored for an order.  All salads are made to order as we receive them.  Cannot get a fresher salad without the farm being in the store.

Cubed  cheese  melts and mixes with the  ingredients

as the cheese melts.  Shredding the cheese creates a layer where the ingredients just float on the top and allows pizza makers to use less cheese.  We prefer the Cube! That's what makes ours the Best Pizza in town.



We bake our wings and ribs.  Nothing we cook is fried.  Many restaurants fry their wings and then rub a sauce oon them just before serving.  We bake with the sauces on them, like everything else we make, they are cooked to order.


A wide selection of sodas by the can, glass bottle Coca Cola too.  Italian Sodas and Sparkling Water too.  Bottle waters, Fiji and just plain bottled water.  We also carry 2 Liter sodas.


Add Fries, Tater Tots or any or our Dough based Bread Sticks.  Can stick to the classic Garlic Bread too.  Homemade Soups and side of Meatballs.  Bruschetta


A wide selection of meats and sauces, made to order and customized for your tastes.  Sandwiches and Paninis come with a side of homemade potato salad or a small side salad.  Add some Tots for a really big meal!.




GLUTEN FREE PIZZA  Our Gluten Free pizza comes in only one size, 12".  All sauces and toppings are available.  Gluten Free is difficult to make and handle, which is why there is an additional cost.  Crusts are Vegan and free of dairy, eggs and soy.  We put our best effort to prevent cross contamination, however it is possible some small cross contamination may occur.

Did you know there are many 3rd party Online Ordering sites that post a restaurant's menu and then charges the restaurant for the orders?  They look like they are the restaurant's own site, but are not and often there are mistakes, outdated items, etc.     Plus, we pay more than $30,000 in 3rd party ordering website commissions a year!      We honor all 3rd party Orders because our customers just want great food, they don't realize they aren't ordering directly from us.

Ordering from our own website www.LT Orders.com   is   the   most direct, current, actuate and best priced website you can use for our food. You get some free stuff and it saves us money too!



Our Sauces are homemade daily, Cheese is cubed daily and our toppings are prepared every day as well.  Our pizza toppings are generous, not like the big franchises that focus on profit from every corner of their business.  We pride ourselves in giving more, doing more and being better.


Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies and Cheese Cake.  Add frosting in cups can be added.  Ice Cream too, add crushed Oreo Cookies, M&M's, Hot Fudge, Chocolate Syrup and Chopped Nuts.


All our homemade pasta dishes are made from scratch per each to order as we receive them.  All pasta dishes include 2 slices of garlic bread.

"Pizza Delivery" "Online Ordering" in Sherman Oaks

​Leaning Tower Pizza & Pasta!  We are a Pizza Restaurant.