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To start with...

Domino's Med. is 12", Lg. is 14"

Papa John's Med. is 12", Lg. 14"

Fresh Brothers Med. is 12", Lg. 14"

Marcos Med. is 12", Lg. 14"

Our Medium is 14 inches

Our Large is 16 inches 

Our Pizzas are 15% Bigger!

​(Not sure you can get a 12" pizza to feed 4 people?)

More Toppings

Not just by area, but per square inch

We have no Delivery Fee

Domino's Charges $2.99

Papa John's Charges $3.75

Fresh Bros Charges $3.95

Marcos Charges $2.50

A $3 Delivery fee is 10% of a typical ($30) order

Add it up:

Leaning Tower is 15% more Pizza 

Leaning Tower has more Toppings  

Bigger Pizzas, more Toppings,

overall a very good comparable Price

Plus we use better ingredients

818.986.9701 Orders

818.945-6160  Faxed Orders


HOURS  11:30am-10:00pm  7 Days a Week