I enlarged a part so it is easier to read

Screen shot of new review, rewritten to appear to be a customer, but same person, never ate at store.  Was never a customer and only purpose is to lower store rating

Below is a screen shot of his wive's reply to my message to her about her and Gabriel's (Moet W.) reviews.  Her reply is clear they have a relationship and he was employee, but it is also clear that she never was a customer.

Moet W. (Gabe Bacca) has now had 3 reviews of us Removed below

a Screen shot of Moet W.'s orgininal review and where is says "employees took his verbal abuse but I wouldn't"  Clearly he has confirmed being an employee.  This review was removed by Yelp, but he reposted a new one that appears he is a customer so it will not be removed and he can hurt store.